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    Exhibition Quotation

Exhibition Quotation
[Code: Import database, support photo, discount, product cost, issue qoutation via wifi ]

System function:
- 1D & 2D Barcode
- Customer Management
- Item Management
- Buyer Item No., HS Code, UPC Code
- Set Management
- Promotion Package
- Price Book
- Customer Enquiry
- Sample Order
- Sales Quotation
- CIF Calculation
- Costing Sheet
- Sales Order / Sales Contract
- Sales Confirmation
- Proforma Invoice
- Deposit Invoice
- Prodoct Photo

- Structured storage and management of customer details.
- Can monitor of sales.
- Effective monitoring of each customer's credit and receivables situation.
- Improve data accuracy, reduce order processing time.
- Significantly improve the level of customer service and satisfaction.
- Streamlining the sales structure and processes, thereby increasing sales.

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