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Asset Control
DETAIL REPORTS Asset Control Management System
[Code: Support stock list, asset history, location, write off]

Asset Control Management System used to identify your equipment, tools and machinery or to keep track of your assets or inventory. It helps you track the quantity and location of your assets. The system gives users the ability to track the service history on each asset.
To further improve the ability of a user to find an asset. This can also be utilized to improve accountability, as personnel within each business unit have access to the system and can see what they are responsible for.

System function:
-1D & 2D Barcode
-Periods Report
-Month End Closing
-Year End Closing
-Asset Record
-Asset cost
-Maintenance Period Information
-Costing Record
-Asset Location Record
-Record The Date Of Purchase Of Assets
-Waste Record
-Print Report
-Product Photo

- Labeling the assets with barcode label for the convenience of later record checking.
- Only have to scan the barcode on the asset, then all the assets information such as suppliers, location and price are shown.
- Able to export the information for editing and usage in other program.
- Able to add photos for easier recognition.
- Structured treatment and management of financial operations.
- Effective monitoring of their accounts receivable and accounts payable situation.
- Improve the preparation of information, and financial matters, saving time.
- Streamlining of the accounting structure and processes, reducing the company's operating costs.
- Help to more effectively manage assets and make a financial budget.
- Facilitate management to make quick and accurate financial decision-making.

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