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Action-Plus Co. Limited has focused on Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Ticketing and Customer relationship management (CRM) for 20 years. We provide one-stop shop service on advance enterprise management system in Hong Kong, Macau and overseas.
Action-Plus is the market leader in these areas for many years. We provide all-rounded professional technical support to our customers. Our retail POS, Warehouse Inventory Systems, Member and Asset Management Systems are widely used in Government sectors, health care, retail,
logistics and manufacturing industry.
We are not only supplying good quality
hardwares. We believe that providing good service is the only way to success. In order to ensure strong customer service and customer satisfaction, all our technical staffs and engineers have attended the technical trainings provided by the manufacturers every year.
So that we can provide quick response
on technical support, product enquiry
and repair service.
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